We understand how frustrating it must be if all the spaces on your child’s preferred activity have been taken. Some activities were full in under a minute. If an activity is full you can contact us to be entered onto a waiting list. If you have already emailed us and requested to be placed onto a waiting list, you do not need to do so again. We will be emailing you back to confirm this. The waiting list will be updated on a first-come, first-served basis. E.g. if someone emails us at 4.30pm and another person emails at 4.45pm, the earlier person will be higher on the waiting list.

Discovery Week 2020 – Years 7, 8 and 9

Wednesday 8th July – Friday 10th July 
for all activities except Disneyland and Barcelona which are slightly longer (please check letters)

This year’s Discovery Week features a wide range of enriching activities for your child to choose from.

Here you can find out more about each activity.

Head over to Wisepay from 4pm on Monday 9th December to secure your child’s place on their chosen activity. 

This must be done even if the activity is FREE.  Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For the three residential trips, please also make sure the reply slip at the bottom of the letter is returned.

SubjectActivityRead MoreParental Letter
MathsFrench Trip – DisneylandHERELetter HERE
MFLBest of BarcelonaHERELetter HERE
HistoryMedieval York ExperienceHERELetter HERE
Maths Push yourself to the limitsHERE
MathsCheckmates (Free)HERE
EnglishDiscover Shakespeare’s LondonHERE
EnglishHarry Potter WeekHERE
DramaStep into the spotlightHERE
DanceRhythm is a dancerHERE
FoodCreative in the kitchenHERE
MFLTaste around the worldHERE
MFLAround the world in 3 days(Free)HERE
PESoccer SchoolHERE
SociologySocial WeekHERE
TechnologyPottery ExperienceHERE
ScienceAnimal AnticsHERE
MediaJust like the moviesHERE
ComputingMaking computer gamesHERE
PEExtreme SportsHERE
GeographyWorld of PossibilitiesHERE
ScienceElement of Suprise(Free)HERE
EnglishStopmotion Animation(Free)HERE
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