• Art

    KS4 - Visual Element in Art


    KS4 - Visual Element in Art


    KS4 - Exemplars & Articles


    KS4 - Materials, Techniques & Processes


    KS5 - Visual Element in Art


    KS5 - Come to Teacher for Login


    KS5 - Exemplars and Articles


    KS5 - Materials, Techniques & Processes


  • Computer Science

    KS3 Computer Science Revision.


    KS3 - Apply programming skills to create and complete games.


    KS3 Computer Science Revision


    KS4 - GCSE Computer Science Revision

    KS4 - GCSE Practice Python Programming


    KS4 - GCSE Computer Science Quiz’s


    KS4 - GCSE Computer Science Theory Revision www.learncomputing.org/revision

    KS5 - A-level Computer Science Revision

    KS5 - Craig and Dave Computer Science “How to” Videos www.youtube.com/channel

  • Food Preparation and Nutrition

    KS3 - The different tabs lead to different videos on a variety of topics studied at KS3 including, healthy eating and balanced diets, food production and how food is made.


    KS3 & KS4 - Access to videos, powerpoint and worksheets on a range of topics studies at KS3 and KS4.


    KS4 - Access to videos and information on a range of food science topics studies at GCSE level. 


    KS4 - Link to the AQA website where past papers can be accessed 


    KS4 - Link to subject specific vocabulary used in the GCSE course 


  • Mathematics

    Our maths department have collated this handy list of resources your child can use to revise maths.  All pupils have been emailed with these links so please do talk to them about which ones they are using.

    Year 11 pupils have been emailed logins and passwords for following site


    This will allow them to watch tutorial videos on how to do certain topics and answer questions. All pupils have been issued with their own personal login and regularly have homework set using mathswatch. If a pupil does not know their username and/or password, please ask them to speak to their maths teacher. To access independent tasks, pupils need to click on the “my progress” tab at the top once logged in, then choose their topic area and click on the bar in the “interactive questions” for that topic to access the questions.

    These websites are open access and available to everybody


    This is the new version of BBC Bitesize which has been updated with the resources for the new specification.  It has guided run through on techniques, video clips, activities and tests to complete. This covers all topics on the new GCSE specification, you will need to choose the “Edexcel” specification.

    Corbett Maths

    This has a range of practice papers and a section called 5-a-day where you can get 5 questions for every day of the year to allow quick regular practice of those topics which pretty much always appear on the exam papers.

    Maths Takeaway

    These are a collection of graded workbooks formed of past exam questions and split into grades and topics (be careful as they are in old grades – the new grade equivalent can be found at the bottom on maths genie). They have the answers and videos to explain each of the booklets once they have been attempted also. They are particularly useful if you know what topic you need to practice.


    The GCSE revision tab is particularly useful and has revision notes and model answers with questions along with questions for your child to attempt and then also the solutions for these questions. The revision notes are in a video format so you can watch as someone goes through the example with you.


    This website gives you a while variety of resources from past exam questions to “walking and talking notes guiding you through the exam question”.  It also has revision notes on the majority of topics and includes links to e-textbooks and worksheets to attempt.  


    This will keep changing the questions every time an answer is entered to allow endless practice on a given topic. The questions are split into topic areas and can be worked through online.


    This is a version of past exam papers, which will be marked for you online. They can all be attempted online and give rough grade boundaries for the paper which is being completed.


    This website indexes a whole series of help video tutorials which are available online from mathscast.


    This is labelled as interactive maths and attempts to link the concepts we learn in the classroom to those which exist in the real world for any further reading required.

    mathsbot.com/gcseQuestions and mathsbot.com/gcse/retrieval

    This has areas where you can access practice exam questions and those quick facts that need to be remembered. You can change the topics you want to use at the top and make the questions easier or harder at the top as well.

    The following are available on the school system which can be accessed from home via the Home Access on Barr Beacon website:

    Don’t forget you also have access to Maths Workout numbers 1 to 8 on the system which can be accessed through the start menu -> maths then clicking on them, they are split into sections as follows:

    1 – Number work

    2 – Number work

    3 – Shape and space work

    4 – Shape and space work

    5 – Data handling work

    6 – Data handling work

    7 – Algebra work

    8 – Algebra work

  • Media Studies

    KS4 - Covers all topics in specification and media terminology.


  • Physical Education


    www.theeverlearner - Video lessons and interactive tests for every GCSE PE topic.

    www.bbc.com/bitesize/ - Information, short videos and multiple choice quizzes for every GCSE PE topic.

  • Psychology


    www.aqa.org.uk - Past papers for GCSE

    Learndojo - Complete and create quizzes


    www.aqa.org.uk - Past Papers

    Tutor2u Youtube Channel

    Complete Quizzess

    www.quizlet.com  - Type in AQA ALEVEL and topic name

    https://www.tutor2u.net - Download a revision application


  • Textiles